Nitrates Directive

Implementation in Denmark 
The Nitrates Directive from 1991* aims to protect water quality across Europe by preventing nitrates from agricultural sources polluting ground and surface waters and by promoting the use of good farming practices.

According to the Nitrates Directive the EU-member states are obliged to establish action programmes for the purpose of realizing the directives objective of reducing water pollution caused or induced by agricultural sources  and preventing further such pollution. In this way the Nitrates Action Programme consists of an account for the present implementation of the Nitrates Directive in Denmark.

 The limit of 170 kg nitrogen per hectare is a specific requirement of the Nitrates Directive’s Annex 3. The Commission approved the Danish derogation for the first time in 2002 allowing application of 230 kg nitrogen per hectare in manure. The current derogation runs until 31 December 2018.

Action Plan for the Aquatic Environment III 
The Action Plan for the Aquatic Environment III encompasses broad efforts to reduce agricultural impacts on the aquatic environment and nature, and did include a stronger focus on surplus phosphor in agriculture, which must be halved, compared to 37,700 tonnes P in 2001/2002, with 2015 as the target year. For nitrogen the aim was to reduce leaching from agriculture by a minimum of 13% by 2015 compared to 2003.

Green Growth Agreement 
 The purpose of the Green Growth Agreement is to ensure that a high level of environmental, nature and climate protection goes hand in hand with modern and competitive agriculture and food industries.

Nitrate Action Programme 2008-2011 
 In accordance with the nitrates directive each Member State is obliged to put in place a Nitrates Action Programme and to review, and if necessary revise their action programme at least every four years.

The Danish Nitrates Action Programme
21. June 2017 the minister for the Environment and Food endorsed a cumulated Nitrates Action Programme.
You'll find the Nitrates Action Programme here in chapter 3.

*Council directive of 12 December 1991 concerning the protection of waters against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources (91/676/EEC) , OJ L 375, 31.12.1991, p.1.