List of Environmental Technology

The List of Environmental Technology is based on the Best Available Techniques (BAT).

The Technology List is dynamic list and is currently updated, when companies apply to have their technologies accepted and they fulfil the requirements concerning the documentation of the environmental efficiency and operational stability.

The Technology List is primarily product-specific, which means that the technologies are produced by specific companies. The requirements to documentation are linked to the test and verification of VERA-scheme or similar documentation on the same test level.

Technologies testet and verified by VERA are based on the following five test protocols:

  1. The test protocol for air cleaning technologies test
  2. The test protocol for Livestock Housing and Management Systems
  3. The test protocol for Covers and other Mitigation Technologies for Reduction of Gaseous Emissions from Stored Manure storage
  4. The test protocol for Slurry separation technologies
  5. The test protocol for Measurement of gaseous Emission from Land Applied Manure

The MELT is commissioned by the DEPA and is an expert group on the eco-efficient agricultural technologies. The Committee for eco-efficient agricultural technology (MELT) decides, if the technologies can be accepted to be listed.

If you have questions on how to test a Technology to be accepted on the Technology List, you are welcome to contact ETA-Danmark.

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