The Forum on Sustainable Procurement

In October 2010, the Minister of the Environment established the Forum on Sustainable Procurement with the aim of promoting environmentally conscious and sustainable procurement by professional buyers of goods and services – both in public and private organisations.

The Minister wants the forum to contribute to Denmark's compliance with EU recommendations regarding sustainable procurement.

Read more about the Forum on Sustainable Procurement (in Danish)


The Forum on Sustainable Procurement consists of three levels:

  • A steering group consisting of invited political organisations
  • A number of themed network/working groups
  • Ordinary members

See terms of reference for the Forum on Sustainable Procurement (in Danish)

Members of the steering committee for the Forum on Sustainable Procurement

  • Local Government Denmark, represented by Frederiksberg Municipality, Adam Hey
  • Danish Regions, Jens Peter Bjerg
  • Regional Procurement Officers, Kirsten Jensen
  • Association of Public Purchasers in Denmark (IKA), Ib Thyge Christensen
  • National Procurement Ltd. Denmark (SKI), Rikke Dreyer (Chairperson)
  • Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), Tina Sternest
  • The Danish Construction Association, Eva Kartholm
  • The Danish Chamber of Commerce, Jakob Lamm Zeuthen (Vice-Chairman)
  • The Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Henrik Lilja
  • The Danish council for sustainable business development (RBE), represented by Rockwool, Susanne Kyehn
  • Copenhagen University, Green Campus, Thomas Refslund Poulsen
  • The Partnership for Green Public Procurement
  • The Danish Purchasing and Logistics Forum (DILF), Søren Vammen
  • Centre for Energy Saving, Mads Lindevall Kristiansen
  • Ecolabelling Denmark, Tine Due Hansen
  • The Environmental Protection Agency, Søren Mørch Andersen

Network groups and members

The forum is open to anyone interested in sustainable procurement.

Forum members are free to propose the creation of network groups in which to hold meetings or events.

After the formation of a forum secretariat, a member forum and network groups will follow. Interested parties can Obfuscated Email for more information.

The Forum on Sustainable Procurement builds on the experiences of the former Panel for professional environmentally conscious procurement