Sustainable procurement

In Denmark about DKK 300 billion is used on public procurement each year whilst private companies account for even more. This type of purchasing power can be used to promote the production and sales of products with lower environmental impacts, throughout the entire product chain.

The Ministry of the Environment has for more than 15 years encouraged sustainable procurement through various focus areas.

The Ministry has three main initiatives to promote green purchasing in Denmark:

  • The Forum on Sustainable Procurement - a national network which is a knowledge sharing forum where procurers from both public and private organisations can keep updated on best practice, methods and tools for green procurement, through a website, newsletters and various events.
  • The Partnership for Green Public Procurement - a collaboration between frontrunner municipalities, regions and other public organisations who are committed to making extra efforts in partnership with other organisations to reduce their environmental impact from their procurement actions and drive the market in a greener direction.
  • The Responsible Procurer - a webpage where procurers can find green criteria ready to copy paste into tender documents for a number of product areas and Total Cost of Ownership tools for selected product areas. 

In addition to the three main initiatives above, The Ministry has also launched a national task force on Green Public Procurement (GPP) to assist public authorities to implement GPP; developed tools to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in public procurement; established an annual event on green purchasing, called the Green Procurement Week; and the Ministry continues to bring in further knowledge and experiences through participation in different GPP projects both nationally and internationally.

The aim is to make it as easy as possible to buy green! And to sum it up, we do that by facilitating knowledge sharing, enabling new opportunities and providing technical support through GPP criteria, tools and training.