Case: S-Group, Finland

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Who: S-Group

Country: Finland

Objective: The S Group is among the top ten electricity consumers in Finland. In addition to achieving maximal energy efficiency in the group’s own operations, the company’s objectives include significantly increasing the amount of electricity produced from renewable energy sources. The target is to produce half of all electricity used by the S Group with its own power production, all of which aims to be carbon neutral. For this reason, among other initiatives, the S Group established a joint company called TuuliWatti Oy together with energy provider St1.

Description of initiative: Established in spring 2009 as a joint venture by energy company St1 and SOK, wind power company TuuliWatti Oy began production of wind power at Tahkoluoto in Pori in spring 2009. With an output of three megawatts, the large power station delivered by WinWinD is planned to form the first part of TuuliWatti’s wind park project in Tahkoluoto. Operated by TuuliWatti, the Tahkoluoto production plant was the first 100 meter high wind power plant built in Finland, producing around 8,000 MWh of renewable wind power per year.

TuuliWatti Oy is a new type of player in the Finnish energy market. Wind power projects are typically lengthy, and the need for resources depends largely on the progress of permit procedures. TuuliWatti’s operations are built on a cost-efficient model where the input of the part-owners can be flexibly targeted to projects as necessary. The company’s administration is comprised of representatives of both part-owners, S Group and ST1.

Effect of initiative: The Tahkoluoto wind turbine produces around 0,5 % of total electricity consumption of S Group, reducing the same amount of CO2 emissions. Tuuliwatti’s effect to increase S Group’s renewable electricity purchasing has been low so far because in general the wind power projects in Finland are on hold for variety of difficulties in getting the building permits and in the lack of the support mechanism.

Time period: 2009-ongoing

Future work: Tuuliwatti’s aim is to build cost efficient and sustainable wind electricity production.. Tuuliwatti Oy owns lease agreements to over 400 individual turbine sites and is currently developing 10 wind farm projects mainly on the West Coast of Finland.

The S Group is prepared to invest significantly into wind power, providing the permitting procedures run smoothly and the projects are economically sensible. Tuuliwatti’s long term goal is to build and operate 10-20% of Finland’s official wind energy production target of 2000MW by the year 2020.

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