Case: Coop, Denmark

Coop, Denmark

DOWNSTREAM: Promotion of Sustainable Lifestyles and Healthier Diets


Country: Denmark

Description of initiative: Coop Denmark has launched the ‘Top Ten Climate Tips’ to promote more climate friendly lifestyles. The 10 tips are related to the choice of products and to the behaviour related to buying and consuming products.  The initiative is part of Coop’s actions on reducing the carbon footprint, not only from the shops but seen in a life cycle perspective that also involves suppliers and consumers.

The top ten tips to the consumers are:

  1. Follow the official diet advice and lead a healthy and climate friendly life
  2. Eat less meat
  3. Choose chicken and pork instead of beef
  4. Eat more fruit and vegetables – preferably seasonal
  5. Eat potatoes and pasta rather than rice
  6. Avoid food waste; don’t cook more than you need
  7. Drink tap water
  8. Use your plastic bags more than once – or buy a reusable shopping bag
  9. Choose eco-labelled products, they are climate friendly too
  10. Take the bike shopping whenever possible

Effect of initiative: Unknown

Time period: The Top Ten Tips were launched in 2009 and are still in use

Future work: The “Top Ten Climate Tips” are an integrated part of Coops climate initiatives and serve as a communication platform for promoting climate friendly lifestyles. These activities will be further developed in the future.

More information

Contact: Katrine Milman, Coop

Link: (in Danish) Coops 10 råd om klima og dagligvarer