EMAS and Environmental Management Systems in Denmark

EMAS is short for Eco-Management and Audit Scheme and is EU's environmental management system – it is voluntary and is aimed at all types of businesses. EMAS is the most ambitious environmental management system a company can implement.

Procedures for EMAS certified companies 

An EMAS verified company work continuously to reduce direct environmental impacts, in terms of energy and resource consumption, waste production and emissions (greenhouse gases, air pollution and wastewater).

Furthermore, an EMAS verified company work to reduce the company's indirect environmental impacts. Indirect environmental impacts are environmental effects that the company has no direct control over, but which the company has opportunity to influence e.g. through dialogue with suppliers and customers.

Especially in dialogue with suppliers, it is crucial to work to ensure that they limit their environmental impact, and possibly implement EMAS as EMS in their company.

Current EMAS certified companies in Denmark (in Danish)

More information on EMAS can be found at the homepage of DG Environment

Full list of EMAS certified companies in the EU

EMAS competent body in Denmark

In Denmark the work of the competent body is undertaken by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Danish EPA 
Tolderlundsvej 5 
DK – 5000 Odense C 
Tel.: +45 7254 4000 
Fax: +45 3266 0479 
E-mail: Obfuscated Email 
Web: www.mst.dk

Verifiers and national accreditation body

Three companies are accredited to verify according to EMAS and ISO 14001:2004 in Denmark.

DNV Business Assurance (Norwegian Veritas) 
Vandmanden 36 
DK - 9200 Aalborg 
Tel.: +45 9879 0833 
Fax: +45 9879 0433 
Web: www.dnv.dk

Bureau Veritas Certification Denmark A/S 
Oestbanegade 55, 2nd floor 
DK – 2100 Copenhagen Ø 
Tel.: +45 7731 1000 
Fax: +45 7731 1001 
Web: www.bureauveritas.dk


Verifiers accredited to ISO 14001:2004

Danish Technological Institute 
DK - 2630 Taastrup 
Tel.: +45 7220 2160 
Fax: +45 7220 2191 
E-mail: Obfuscated Email 
Web: www.dancert.dk

Force Technology 
Park Allé 345 
DK - 2605 Brøndby 
Tel.: +45 4326 7000 
Fax: +45 4326 7011 
E-mail: Obfuscated Email
Web: www.force.dk

Verifiers are accredited by the national accreditation body

The Danish Accreditation and Metrology Fund – DANAK 
Dyregårdsvej 5 B 
DK - 2740 Skovlunde 
Tel.: +45 7733 9500 
Fax: +45 7733 9501 
E-mail: Obfuscated Email 
Web: www.danak.dk

NB! Companies from other EU member states can carry out verifications in Denmark, if they notify DANAK at least 4 weeks prior to the verification.