Selected reports on environmental economics

Short overview of reports on topics where environmental economics have been used.

Examples of reports on topics where environmental economics have been used can be found below. The reports are in English or in Danish with an English summary.

A full list of publications from the Danish EPA can only be found in Danish.

Circular economy

The New Plastics Economy: Rethink the Future of Plastics, Ellen Macarthur Foundation, 2016.

Circular economy in Europe: Developing the Knowledge Base, Ellen Macarthur Foundation, 2016.

Moving towards a Circular Economy: Successful Nordic Business Models, Nordic Council of Ministers, 2015.

Growth Within: A Circular Economy Vision for a Competitive Europe, Ellen Macarthur Foundation, 2015.

Delivering the Circular Economy: A Toolkit for Policy Makers, Ellen Macarthur Foundation, 2015. 


Monitoring and enforcement – an assessment of the inspections by the Danish Ministry of the Environment, Environmental Report no. 1356, 2011

Catalogue of key figures for socio-economic assessment of environmental projects, Environmental Report no. 1008, 2005

Making Markets Work for Environmental Policies Achieving Cost-effective Solutions

Practical tools for value transfer in Denmark – guidelines and an example, Working Report no. 28, 2007


Valuation of disamenity costs from landfills – a literature survey, Environmental Report no. 1199, 2007

A quota system for waste, Environmental Report no. 979, 2005


An assessment of the socio economic values of buying green products, Environmental Report no. 1349, 2010

Climate and air pollution

An assessment of costs and benefits from NOx reducing technologies, Environmental Report no. 1293, 2009

Impact of CO2 quota allocation to new entrants in the electricity market, Working Report no. 23, 2007

Cost effective measures in the non-ETS sectors, Working Report no. 22, 2007

A socio-economic assessment of the EU Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution, NERI Technical Report no. 586, 2006

Projection models 2010 - Danish emissions of SO2, NOx, NMVOC and NH3, NERI Technical Report no. 414, 2002

Natural resources

Socio-economic consequences of a nature and culture enhancement project (Åmosen), Environmental Report no. 1043, 2005 (danish)

Cost-benefit analysis of the wastewater tax, Environmental Report no. 956, 2004

Assessment of the benefits from groundwater protection, Environmental Report no. 1030, 2005