Eco-innovation is a significant element of the measures designed to protect the environment, helping to address both national and global challenges. Both Denmark and Europe work extensively with the opportunities, which technological development and innovation provide to the benefit of both businesses and the environment.

You can find information on Danish measures to promote eco-innovation and increase knowledge about environmental technologies on the website

The measures aim to improve the framework conditions for Danish environmental technology companies and thus promote the development and use of eco-innovation in the areas of water, air, chemicals, sustainable building, industry and waste. Solutions that address global environmental problems whilst increasing Danish exports and securing more jobs in Denmark.

Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP)

The EU has a parallel measure to promote environmental technology, which was launched in 2004, in the form of an Action Plan entitled ETAP (Environmental Technologies Action Plan).

The aim of ETAP is to make sure that the full potential of environmental technologies is used to reduce the pressure on our natural resources, improve the quality of life of European citizens, and promote economic growth. At the same time, the EU will play a leading role in the development and use of environmental technologies.