Our lifestyle is placing increasing pressure on the environment. In Denmark, the EPA works extensively with the opportunities of innovation and management of human resource use in pursuit of sustainable development.

Sustainable Development
The Danish strategy for sustainable development brings forward goals and initiatives for the further development of innovative and sustainable solutions. The strategy was published in 2014.

Sustainable Consumption and Production
Sustainable consumption and production (SCP) has been part of Danish environmental efforts since the 1980s. The work focuses on transforming environmental challenges into economic opportunities.

The Environmental Protection Agency works extensively to improve the framework conditions for environmental technology companies, thus promoting the development and use of eco-innovation.

Environmental Economics
Environmental economic tools are used to illustrate how to meet environmental targets most cost-effectively. Only by looking at the environment from many angles will we be able to achieve sustainable results.

International cooperation – Strategic Sector Cooperation
Strategic Sector Cooperation is a concrete partnership initiative aimed at mobilizing the competencies of Danish public authorities directly in long-term strategic cooperation and partnerships with counterpart institutions across the world.