The first water management plans apply until the end of 2015.

Read proposed water management plans, environmental reports and habitat assessments (in Danish)

What is a water management plan?

The water management plans are to ensure a better aquatic environment in Denmark.

Among other things, they describe Danish efforts to achieve cleaner water in our lakes, fjords and rivers.

Read more about what a water management plan is here (in Danish)

River basin management plans (2015-2021)

The river basin management plans are the second part of the overall Danish water management plans.

The river basin management plans must be completed and adopted by 22 December 2015. They will apply up to 2021.

Read about realisation of the river basin management plans (in Danish)

Why river basin management plans?

The Danish Nature Agency has published "Bedre vandmiljø - hvorfor vandområdeplaner?" (better aquatic environment - why river basin management plans?) to promote a common understanding of the problems in the Danish aquatic environment.

Background for the water management plans

The water management plans are a key element in implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive. The Directive states that all waters of EU Member States - watercourses, lakes, the coastal part of the sea and the groundwater must be in "good status" by 2015.

The Danish water management plans describe how Denmark will achieve the targets in the Water Framework Directive.

In Denmark, the Danish Ministry of the Environment is responsible for work on implementing the Water Framework Directive and preparing water management plans.

New concept for water management

In 2013 the Danish government and all parties of the Danish Parliament (the Folketing) decided that in future, water management in Denmark should be through a new concept. Among other things, this allows for the establishment of new water councils to ensure greater local involvement of stakeholders in the next water management plans.

Tools in the river basin management plans

We use different tools to achieve the goals in the water management plans. For instance, we restore watercourses and establish new wetlands.

For the press

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How have tasks been allocated?

Tasks relating to water management plans have been allocated between the state, the Danish Minister for the Environment, the Danish Nature Agency and the municipalities.