A recycling strategy for plastic packaging

The Environment Sector Cooperation between Kenya & Denmark focuses among other things on supporting the development of a recycling strategy for plastic packaging.

The amount of plastic packaging is growing in Kenya and will continue to grow. Kenya has a target to increase recycling of waste including plastic packaging waste. In the National Solid Waste Management Strategy the target is to gradually increase waste recovery (recycling, composting and waste to energy) to 80% by 2030. 

In 2017 SSC project has worked on creating and evidence base for plastic packaging flow in Kenya. Furthermore, a successful dialogue meeting dialogue with the plastic recyclers was held in September 2017. 

In order to develop a recycling strategy it is necessary to have rough estimates of the plastic packaging flows in Kenya, in particularly the amounts of plastic packaging put on the market per year in Kenya. Furthermore, an estimate on the amount of plastic packaging waste recycled in Kenya currently would be helpful in development of the recycling strategy. Therefore, the first step has been to commission a report on plastic packaging flows.

Read the report Plastic Packaging Waste Flows in Kenya

In 2018 the development of a recycling strategy will continue in collaboration with the stakeholders.