Use of plant protection products on golf courses

The previous voluntary agreement of 2005 between golf clubs and the Ministry of the Environment on the reduction of the use of plant protection products has not delivered satisfactory results. The golf clubs cover 11,000 hectares and in 2009 used 2.5 tonnes of plant protection products.  The voluntary agreement was based on a reduction by golf clubs to 0.1 kg of active substance per hectare. In 2009 the clubs used an average of 0.24 kg of active substance per hectare.

Therefore, on 8 February 2011 a broad majority in the Danish Parliament consisting of the Liberals, the Conservatives, the Danish People's Party, the Social Democrats, the Socialist People’s Party and the Danish Social-Liberal Party entered into an agreement on the establishment of binding regulations in the area.

The basis for the new regulations is in the process of being developed and a Statutory Order is expected to come into force before the end of 2011. The new agreement will seek minimum consumption of plant protection products, not only in terms of tonnes but mainly in terms of load on human health and environment.

This will be achieved using a points system based on the properties of each plant protection product relating to health and the environment. In the long-term the political parties agree that the use of plant protection products should be completely phased-out as more experience of alternative protection and preventive methods is developed.