Plant production products indicators

The current indicator (Frequency of Application) will be supplemented by a new indicator (the pesticide load index). The pesticide load index will include the environmental and health-related properties of pesticides.

Indicator for side effects of plant protection products

The government bill and the Green Growth scheme stipulate the development of an indicator for “the side effects of the application of plant protection products”.  The reason for this is that the previous indicator (Treatment Frequency Index, TFI) primarily reflects the consumption of plant protection products and is not regarded as valid in order to be able to state the trend in environmental impact or side effects.

The Danish Plant Directorate has, in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency, initiated an investigation into ways of developing indicators for the harmful effects of plant protection products.
Until such an indicator may be developed, it has been decided in the short-term to use a new indicator: the “pesticide load index” in addition to the Treatment Frequency Index.