Initiatives under the Green Growth Action Plan

The overall goal of the Green Growth Agreement is to achieve a significant reduction in the harmful effects of plant protection products on humans, animals and nature. In order to achieve this goal a number of initiatives have been planned that will be implemented in the coming years.

Alternative plant protection products
Focus on encouraging submission of applications for authorisation of alternative plant protection products.

Groundwater and surface water
Read about the requirements of plant protection products/fertiliser and cultivation-free buffer zones surrounding public water supply wells, the continuation of the warning system for plant protection products leaching to the ground water.

Information campaigns
Information to the public on the risks associated with plant protection products.

IPM – Integrated Pest Management
Dissemination of the principles of Integrated Pest Management, IPM

Inspection activities
Inspection of plant protection products application equipment , spraying activity records, residues of plant protection products in food.

Plant production products indicators
Development of an indicator to reflect the human health and environmental load of plant protection products

Pesticide tax

Development of a tax based on the environmental and human health load of the plant protection products

Research initiatives
For many years, some of the revenue from pesticide taxes has been devoted to financing pesticide research projects. These activities continue under the Green Growth agreement.

Training of distributors
Development of training courses for distributors who sell pesticides.