Regulation on pesticide statistics

The regulation concerning statistics in the area of pesticides relates to the collection of data on volumes of pesticide active substances sold and used in each Member State.

Requirements of Member States

All Member States must report sales statistics to the Commission annually, for the first time for the sales in 2011. Once every five years, statistics on the use of  plant protection product active substances used on a few selected crops must be sent to the Commission.

Danish initiatives

In Denmark, we have compiled statistics on the sales of plant protection products active substances and products for many years. The statements are published annually.

However up to now, we have not compiled statistics on the actual application of plant protection products by farmers. In future these will be prepared in collaboration with the Danish Plant Directorate. The statistics will be based on data relating to spraying on the individual cultivated crops and will have to be reported to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries by each individual farmer.
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