Environmental policy objectives and National Action Plans

Danish initiatives with regard to the consumption of plant protection products are based on EU legislation, in particular the EU Framework Directive on the sustainable use of pesticides and the Regulation concerning statistics on pesticides.

The former focuses on achieving a sustainable use of pesticides. The regulation on pesticide statistics ensures that there is an overview of the sales and application of pesticides at national and EU levels.
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The initiatives in the Danish National Action Plan

A number of the requirements under the Framework Directive on the sustainable use of pesticides are included in the Green Growth agreement undertaken by the Government and the Danish People’s Party in 2009.
The Environmental Protection Agency is implementing the majority of the initiatives in the area of plant protection products. Other accountable ministries are the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and the Danish Ministry of Taxation.

The Green Growth plan measures are the latest addition to a long series of National Action Plans regarding plant protections products which Denmark has been producing since 1986.

The goal of Green Growth Plan

The overall goal of Green Growth is to achieve a significant reduction in the harmful effects of plant protection products on humans, animals and nature.
A number of objectives have been formulated, the most important of which is for a newly-developed indicator, ‘the plant protection load index’ to be reduced to 1.4, corresponding to a Frequency of Application score of 1.7, by the end of 2013.

A new tax model is to be developed, allowing the imposition of the highest tax on those plant protection products with the highest load on the environment and human health, whilst plant protection products with a lower load will be charged a lower amount.
The following three objectives are also part of the Green Growth agreement:

  • authorised plant protection products must not leach into the groundwater at levels above the maximum limit values
  • the impact on the environment and on human health from the use of plant protection products in the horticultural and fruit growing sectors must be reduced as much as possible,
  • plant protection products residues in Danish-produced food must be minimised.

The activities of Green Growth Plan

A large number of activities continue the work of the Green Growth agreement. These include the development of a new indicator, a new tax, IPM activities, etc.
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