Spraying certificates/permits

As an operator of pesticide application equipment you must be in possession of a valid spraying permit or spraying certificate. This applies, irrespective of whether spraying concerns a golf course, a public area, a field or a greenhouse.
You must have a spraying certificate if you:
  • conduct pest management for others as a business
  • conduct pest management independently or as a sub-contractor conduct pest management as an employee in an enterprise.

The course last 74 hours and includes legislation, spraying techniques, new pests, decision-making support systems, information on labels and Integrated Pest Management. The course concludes with an examination.
A permit is sufficient, if you:

  • were established as an operator before 1991 independently or as a sub-contractor
  • are an employee in an enterprise that conducts pest management for less than four hours per year
  • use only repellents when spreading.

The course takes 12 hours and there is no exam.

Follow-up course

All holders of spraying certificates/permits must complete a follow-up course every four years in order to maintain the right to apply plant protection products.  You must be able to provide documentation of completing a follow-up course every four years in order for the spraying permit or certificate to be valid.

More information

Follow up courses; location and schedule
Exceptions from the rules, e.g. foreign operators of spraying equipment