Filling and washing of spraying equipment

If you are engaged in commercial application of plant protection products you are subject to the provisions of the Statutory Order on washing installations.

The provisions are intended to ensure the least possible wastage and contain a number of requirements on the establishment of washing installations for the filling and/or washing of spraying equipment used to apply plant protection products, as well as a number of requirements that must be satisfied in relation to spraying equipment, draw-off points and distance to the aquatic environment.
The Danish Plant Directorate monitors adherence to the regulations.

Filling and cleaning

You must only fill plant protection products and wash the sprayer and the sprayer tractor at the washing installation or in the area in which the plant protection product is to be applied. The same applies for backpack sprayers and small ATV-mounted sprayers. 

Spraying equipment and dilution of residual spraying fluid

Agricultural sprayers, including atomising sprayers, must be able to be filled using preparation filling equipment and rinsing water tanks and rinse nozzles must be available so that the residual spraying fluid can be diluted when the spraying is completed and sprayed onto the treated area whilst moving. 

Residual spraying fluid must be diluted and sprayed onto the treated area. The highest authorised dosage for the product in question must not be exceeded. The residual spraying fluid must be diluted at least 50 times before you empty the last fluid out through the foot valve. Residual spraying fluid in greenhouse and backpack sprayers must be similarly diluted and sprayed out onto the treated area.

Draw-off point

The point at which the spraying equipment is filled with water must be fitted with a check valve that safeguards against back suction of fluid from the sprayer tank. Filling with water must be controlled by a water meter or similar to prevent the sprayer tank from overflowing.  You must not fill water at locations other than the washing installation or on the field if you are adding plant protection products at the same time.

Wash water

Wash water from a washing installation can be collected in slurry tanks or other containers and applied in accordance with the provisions of the Livestock Order. Wash water from other containers must be applied to the crop rotation area in such a way as to avoid nuisances. This includes any risk to the environment or the subsequent crop through application of wash water. The guidelines provide instructions for the area dimensions and manner of application of wastewater containing plant protection products.

Non-cleaned sprayers and tractors

You must park a non-cleaned sprayer or tractors under cover, in the washing installation or in the treated area.

More information

See guidelines have been created specifying the requirements. (in danish) 

Statutory on filling and washing of spraying equipment for the spreading  of plant production products (the translated version is not legally binding)