Danish evaluation framework for applications prior to 14 June 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency's principles for evaluating pesticides before 14 June 2011 are described in the evaluation framework below.

NOTE that a new evaluation framework was introduced in June 2011. This means that all evaluation will in future be based on the new framework irrespective of whether your application was submitted before or after 14 June 2011. However, for applications submitted before 14 June 2011, there is no need to send in new aquatic exposure scenarios. Similarly, no risk assessment for non-target plants and non-target arthropods is required.

Framework for evaluation of plant products (introduction)(Word, 40 kb)

Health assessment

Framework for evaluation of plant protection products with regard to health, (Word, 86 kb)
Annex 1 Risk assessment of combined effects on health

Environmental assessment

Framework for environmental assessment of plant protection products, (word, 570 kb)
Annex 18 Environmental risk assessment of combined effects

Risk assessment for birds, mammals and plant protection products,august 2010 (word)
High-tier risk assessment and guidance spreadsheet, (excel)
The evaluation framework was updated in June 2011 in connection with the entry into force of the Pesticide Regulation. See the evaluation frameworkhere.