Fees for processing applications for Plant Protection Products

The Danish EPA will levy a fee on its work with authorizing Plant Protection Products

With effect from 1 January 2014 fees for processing applications for Plant Protection Products will apply. These fees shall cover all expenses related to assessments according to the rules in the Plant Protection Directive and Regulation. Fees charged upon receipt of applications shall be paid to the Danish EPA prior to the case processing. 

The fees are regulated annually, and in 2019 the fee for assessing a substance for inclusion as an approved plant protection active substance on the list of such substances in the PPP Regulation (1107/2009) will not exceed DKK 1,974,000.

In 2017 the EPA revised the current fees and compared them to the time spent by the agency on the different case types. This has led to an adjustment of the fees, as well as an adaption of further application possibilities as a result of an increased demand for several types of authorization.

This adjustment implies that different types of fees (basic fee and additional fee) are differentiated from broad and relatively expensive categories to more specific and cheaper categories. New types of fees have also been created (eg. assessment of co-formulants and mutual recognition of national addenda). 

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