Classification, labelling and packaging during the transitional period

Mixtures may be classified, labelled and packaged in accordance with the Dangerous Preparation Directive up to 1 June 2015, but they may also be classified, packaged and labelled in accordance with the Classification Regulation before that date. This is a matter of preference.

Plant protection products may until 14 June 2015 be labelled and packaged according to the old provisions of the Pesticides Directive.
After 14 June 2015, however, products must be labelled and packaged in accordance with the Pesticide Regulation and the Labelling Regulation. The Labelling Regulation is linked to the Pesticide Regulation and entered into force on 14 June 2011.

For approved products that do not need re-evaluation until after 1 June 2015, the authorisation holder must submit proposals for reclassification and a draft new label.  An approved product on the market can be re-classified from the old provisions under the Dangerous Preparation Directive to the new provisions of the Classification Regulation by means of a conversion table.


All links are to the EU Commission website:

Pesticide Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009
Classification Regulation (CLP) No 1272/2008
Dangerous Preparation Directive 1999/45
Labelling Regulation No 547/2011