Markets and festivals

The Chemical Inspection Service plans to make inspection visits at markets and festivals to ensure compliance with the Act on Chemicals. Furthermore, the Inspection offers guidance and direction on complying with the rules on Markets and festivals which will be controlled this year:

  • Korskro Hestemarked 20 - 22 May
  • Roskilde Festival 27 June - 3 July
  • Skanderborg Festival 10 - 14 August
  • Mørkøv Heste og kræmmermarked 23 - 25 September

The control will focus on jewellery, nickel release from clothes and belts, cosmetics, henna tattoos and the lead rules in general.

In 2010, the Chemical Inspection Service controlled 47 shops and selected 216 products for control. This year the Inspection plans to control 50 shops and select more products for control than last year.