DMF in shoes

In August and September 2010, the Chemical Inspection Service selected 302 pairs of shoes and boots for control from 13 shoe shops and importers.

The samples were analysed for contents of dimethylfumarate (DMF). DMF is used as an anti fungal agent in goods which are being transported over long distances in freight containers.DMF has been banned in consumer goods since 2009.

The result of the control was that one pair of shoes contained DMF above the threshold limit value.

As DMF is a very allergenic substance the Danish EPA chose to publish name and photo of the shoe in question. The brand was PUMA, model Drift Cat JR.

The Danish importer, PUMA Denmark A/S has withdrawn the shoes from the stores. The shoes in question were produced before the ban on DMF entered into force.

The Danish EPA will report the shoe to the European alert system for dangerous products, RAPEX.

Danish EPA places ban on shoe with DMF