Control of face paints for children

In January and February 2011, the Chemical Inspection Service selected 27 children's face paint products for control. The 27 products included both face paints and make-up kits for children. The products were selected from a number of toy stores, supermarkets, costume stores and internet stores.

As children's cosmetics are considered to be both toys and cosmetics, the products must comply with the toys rules as well as the cosmetics rules.

The children's face paints were tested for release of a number of dangerous metals (i.e. lead and chrome).

None of the products released dangerous metals.

The Chemical Inspection Service is now controlling the ingredients lists of the products for compliance with the cosmetics rules.

Several EU countries have experienced problems with illegal metals in face paints and play make-up, especially lead and chrom have been a problem. None of these illegal metals have been found on the Danish market.