Control campaigns

Chemical Inspection Service

Campaigns in special areas

We carry out campaigns in the form of time-limited inspection in delimited areas. the areas vary from year to year. Our aim is to perform 14 control campaigns a year.

Campaigns to be performed every year:

  • at least four campaigns targeted at producers and importers
  • at least eight campaigns targeted at consumer products
  • at least three REACH campaigns
  • at least one campaign dealing with each of the folowing areas: biocides, common Nordic or European campaigns, campaigns in coopreration with other public authorities, campaigns dealing with classification and labelling of chemical products, campaigns with a great number of samples, campaigns dealing with current problem areas - for example problems raised politically or in the general public.

Each campaign often covers several of the above mentioned categories. A common Nordic campaign, for example, targeted at classification and labelling of consumer products would cover three categories.