Control at eye level

In 2010, the Chemical Inspection Service had focus on festivals, markeds and trade fairs. In that connection, the Inspection visited the Roskilde Festival, Ishøj hawkers marked and the magazine Femina's lifestyle fair in Copenhagen. Shops selling non-food products were controlled. Special focus was on shops selling jewellery, camping equipment, henna tatoos, cosmetics as well as chemical products with warning symbols.

All in all, 47 shops were visited and 216 products were controlled for compliance with the lead, nickel and cosmetic rules primarily. A few products were controlled for compliance with the classification and labelling rules.

At the Roskilde Festival, 33 shops and 82 products were controlled. 24 of the products contained lead and 4 released nickel.

At the hawkers marked, 8 shops, 31 pieces of jewellery and 1 fishing lure were controlled. 3 pieces of jewellery contained too much lead, 1 piece of jewellery realeased nickel and the fishing lure contained lead.

At the lifestyle fair, 6 shops and 102 products were controlled. 8 products were selected for further analysis.