Legislation on chemicals

As an importer, manufacturer or distributor of chemical substances or products, you need to know the rules governing this area. Legislation on chemicals are extensive, with many requirements for the professional user.

Introduction to the Danish Legislation

In Denmark, the chemicals sector is regulated by the Chemical Substances and Products Act. The scope of this Act extends to all chemical substances and products manufactured, imported or sold in Denmark.

Danish Legislation on Specific Substances
Danish legislation imposes restrictions and prohibitions on specific substances. Furthermore these substances are covered by a variety of legislation at EU level.

Fact Sheets on Legislation
The Danish EPA publishes a series of Fact Sheets presenting the ministerial orders aplying to chemicals in Denmark. The Fact Sheets are addressed to consumers, retail traders, wholesalers, importers and manufacturers of chemicals.

Your approach to the Danish Chemical Act
This website is aimed at the smaller enterprise that wishes to make the extra effort to keep abreast of the Danish Chemicals Act.