Use and release sources of nanomaterials

Several projects under the initiative have surveyed where nanomaterials are applied, and where they could be released.

Consumer applications

The use of consumer products containing nanomaterials can potentially lead to consumer exposures and risks. Therefore surveying and identifying such products have been the focus of several projects.  

The following reports focus on specific nanomaterials or product groups:

Other projects have provided broader surveys:

In addition, the Danish nanoproductregister was established to assist in creating a better overview of where nanomaterials are used and released from consumer products.

Release sources

Nanomaterials may potentially be released from consumer products. This leads to consumer exposure and possibly to releases to the environment. Nanomaterial release to the environment may also occur from industrial use of nanomaterials as auxiliary materials or for manufacturing of products.

Possible sources of releases to the Danish environment were mapped in:


One project addressed what is known about amounts, behaviour and release of nanomaterials from the waste stage:

Nano-enabled environmental technologies

Finally, one project provided an overview about where the specific proprieties of nanomaterials are used in environmental technologies: