Regulation of nanomaterials

Chemicals legislation is largely harmonised at EU level. To address nanomaterials specifically, various legislations have already been adapted, while the adaptation of others is still in process. Discussion about an EU nano register has been on-going for a while and in the meantime some Member States, including Denmark, have established national registers.

The Nanoproductregister

As part of the "Better Control of Nanomaterials" initiative the Danish nanoproduct register was established. The purpose of the register is to help provide an overview about where nanomaterials are used and released from consumer products.

In support of implementation, a number of auxiliary tools were developed and made available. This includes a website, a user's guide, cover letters for supplier requests, an FAQ, as well as a help desk staffed by nanomaterials experts.

Prior to establishing the nanoproduct register, two projects were carried out to assess the possible burdens that industry would face in case the register was established:

Following the first deadline for reporting data to the register, an assessment of the actual administrative burdens experienced by users was prepared:

EU level

The summary report from the "Better control of nanomaterials" initiative gives a brief overview of regulatory activities at EU level:

This includes a discussion about the recommended EU definition of nanomaterial, the current state of legislative adaptation and activities in support of a possible future EU nano register.

One project from the "Better control of nanomaterials" initiative has proposed what could be relevant information requirements for nanomaterials in a regulatory context: