Campaigns and folders on endocrine disruptors

In 2002, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, the National Board of Health and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration jointly published a booklet on endocrine disruptors.

The booklet is in Danish and can be read here: ( link to the 2002 booklet ).

In 2006, the Ministry of the Environment launched a campaign entitled "Nine good habits for pregnant and nursing mothers" providing information on chemicals in cosmetics, baby products and toys.

The aim was to help pregnant and nursing mothers by providing clear, practical tips on chemicals in everyday products. The campaign addressed the network of midwives, general practitioners, maternity nurses and health visitors and provided material for distribution and for meetings with pregnant and nursing mothers and new parents.

The campaign pamphlet still exists Expecting a baby? (in Danish)

The background for the campaign was a lack of knowledge among women in the childbearing age of how to deal with chemicals in consumer products during pregnancy and nursing.

Such knowledge is necessary for making everyday choices to protect both themselves and their unborn and newborn babies from possible harmful effects of chemicals. Pregnancy and breast-feeding periods are sensitive since unborn and newborn babies are particularly vulnerable to chemical exposures.

The campaign addressed consumers. In connection with pregnancy and nursing, professional users of chemicals such as painters and hairdressers should consult their general practitioner and the Danish Working Environment Authority.

The campaign formed part of the agreement, signed by all parties in the Danish Parliament in the autumn of 2005, to strengthen efforts in the area of chemicals.

The campaign was evaluated by the consultancy firm Orbicon and results showed a positive effect on knowledge levels and attitudes as well as the behaviour of the target group.

In 2009, a study of the total exposure of two-year-old children to endocrine disruptors resulted in the campaign "65,000 reasons for better chemistry - the toddler's chemical cocktail".

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In 2012 The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has finished an investigation of the total exposure of pregnant mothers to endocrine disruptors.

The survey has been used for making an information campaign for pregnant mothers that updates the advice given in the 2006 campaign.

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