What are Candidate List substances?

Candidate List substances are chemical substances of very high concern for human health and the environment. Substances of very high concern are often abbreviated as SVHC. These include endocrine disruptors and substances that are carcinogenic, toxic to reproduction or very persistent.

All SVHCs are included in the Candidate List, which is updated by ECHA twice a year. In January 2018, the list included 181 substances or groups of substances.

Candidate List substances can be found in all types of articles. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your supplier informs you about whether your articles contain Candidate List substances.

What is the purpose of the Candidate List?The Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern was established as part of the REACH Regulation. The purpose of the Candidate List is to encourage manufacturers to remove such substances from the market. This can be through manufacturers substituting Candidate List substances with other substances that have the same function, but no harmful effects.

Several obligations apply to Candidate List substances. Read more about all the obligations for Candidate List substances on ECHA’s website