Have you received the right information?

You must pass on information about Candidate List substances in an article to your customers – professional and private. This requires that you know what Candidate List substances your article contains.

This section includes help to assess the information you have received from your supplier about the Candidate List substances in an article and it has help for you to plan laboratory tests in connection with your general supplier management and quality control.

How to start

  • Check whether you have received information or declarations from the supplier regarding Candidate List substances in the article. Remember to make reports for each individual article part.

  • Assess whether you need to follow up on the information you receive from your supplier. Use the list of materials on this page for a quick insight into some of the typical Candidate List substances in various materials and therefore in different article parts.

You can also use more advanced databases and other sources to search for information about Candidate List substances in materials and articles.  It could be a good idea to contact a consultant who can help you with this work. 

New guidance from the Partnership for building centres

The Partnership for building centres, consisting of the Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish Building Centres and the Danish EPA, has developed a guidance on your duty to communicate information under REACH 

The guidance includes a template for a letter that can be used to describe the duty to communicate information to your suppliers, as well as the demands your company can place on its suppliers. You will also find an example of a guideline for shop staff (in danish) on how to respond to enquiries and requests from consumers. Finally, the guidance includes a template for Supplier’s Declaration. This declaration also imposes an obligation on the supplier and importer to update the declaration when new substances are included on the Candidate List. Using the templates is optional.

When should you communicate information?

Sales to professionals: when the article is delivered. Sales to consumers: within 45 days from an enquiry.

Articles purchased within or outside the EU

Have you purchased an article outside the EU? You are responsible for collecting information about Candidate List substances. Have you purchased an article from within the EU?  Your supplier must provide information if the article contains Candidate List substances, however you have a duty to ensure that you receive the information required. Read more in the guide for buyers and suppliers   Danish version    English version