Examples of articles and article parts: wooden planks, panelling (except for solid untreated wood), garden furniture, rakes.

Untreated wood will not contain Candidate List substances, but wood can be impregnated, glued and varnished. Moreover, waste from processing wood can also be used as a raw material in chipboards and hardboards, where the wood pulp is held together by a binder. All of these are treatments that may result in Candidate List substances in wood products.

These substances could be:

  • Sodium dichromate (CAS Nos. 7789-12-0, 10588-01-9)
  • Anthracene and anthracene oil (CAS Nos. 120-12-7 and 90640-80-5)
  • Diarsenic pentaoxide and diarsenic trioxide (CAS Nos. 1303-28-2 and 1327-53-3)
  • UV-328 (CAS No. 25973-55-1)
  • Disodium tetraborate, anhydrous (CAS Nos. 1303-96-4, 1330-43-4, 12179-04-3)

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