Paper and cardboard

Examples of articles and article parts: storage boxes, dust bags, cardboard protection, packaging.

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Paper can contain some of the same Candidate List substances as treated wood, but processes such as pressing and coating paper can also contribute Candidate List substances.

Some of the Candidate List substances you can find in paper and cardboard:

  • TBTO bis(tributyltin) oxide (CAS No. 56-35-9)
  • Potassium chromate (CAS No. 7789-00-6)
  • N,N-dimethylacetamide (CAS No. 127-19-5)
  • Boric acid (CAS Nos. 10043-35-3, 11113-50-1)
  • 2-methoxyaniline (CAS No. 90-04-0) 

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Remember that articles may contain more Candidate List substances than those mentioned above.

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