Examples of articles and article parts: glass doors, glass blocks, shower cabinets, glass wool.

Silica sand is the principal component of glass. Adding boron makes the glass more heat-resistant and improves the chemical resistance compared with regular glass. This type of glass is called borosilicate glass. Glass can be both surface treated and dyed with substances that can be found on the Candidate List. 

Some of the Candidate List substances you can find in glass:

  • Diarsenic pentaoxide and diarsenic trioxide (CAS Nos. 1303-28-2 and 1327-53-3)
  • Boric acid (CAS Nos. 10043-35-3, 11113-50-1)
  • Cobalt dichloride (CAS No. 7646-79-9)
  • Cadmium sulphide (CAS No. 1306-23-6)

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