Do your articles contain Candidate List substances

If you are a supplier of an article containing more than 0.1% (w/w) of a Candidate List substance, you must communicate this information to your customers, and, if necessary, guide them on safe use.

Knowledge about the materials in your article is the key to knowledge about the Candidate List substances the article may contain. A good place to start is therefore to examine whether your article contains several article parts, and what materials these individual parts are made of.  This guide will help you assess the information you have received from your supplier about Candidate List substances in an article: Does the information seem correct regarding what Candidate List substances the article is likely to contain? Are there any specific Candidate List substances that you should ask about, for example phthalates in flexible plastics?


What are Candidate List substances?

What does an article consist of?

Have you received the right information?

Exemplary candidate list substances in various types of materials

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Who is responsible

This tool was developed as part of the Partnership on the duty in REACH article 33 imposed on building centres and their suppliers for both private and public buyers. The Partnership comprises the following: The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (Danish EPA), Danish Building Centres, the Danish Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Danish Industry.