Information campaigns

The Danish EPA conducts information campaigns to inform citizens of what they can do to minimise the risks associated with chemicals, whether it is being aware of small children’s heightened sensibility to endocrine disrupters or teenagers’ excessive use of personal care products leading to allergies.

Good advice if an energy-saving light bulb breaks
Many people don't know what they should do with the remains of a broken energy-saving light bulb, nor how to clean and ventilate the room afterwards.

Good chemistry in your child's everyday life - 0-6-year-olds and chemicals
The Danish EPA has put together some advice on how to focus on chemicals in your child's everyday life, both in relation to what your child is actually exposed to and how parents should relate to it.

Good chemistry to pregnant and nursing mothers
During pregnancy or breast feeding, mothers and children are particularly sensitive. During this period mothers should pay special attention to chemicals which they and their children are exposed to.

Let the air in – campaign for a good indoor climate
Most people are aware that chemical substances can affect their health. However, very few people realise that these substances can originate from products such as electronic equipment, furniture, carpets, detergents and toys.

Skin allergy – a partner for life
Once you develop skin allergy, it will be with you for the rest of your life. In this major campaign young people get a taste of what this could mean for them.