Consumers & consumer products

To reduce the possible risks as much as possible and to ensure a high level of protection for consumers, dedicated consumer programs have been an integrated part of the national chemical action plans of 2010-13; 2014-17; 2018-21.

The consumer programs increase knowledge on which problematic substances are used in consumer products and asses the health and/or environmental risk from using products containing problematic substances. As a result more than 170 investigations on chemicals in consumer products have been published since 2001.

In addition to the investigations on consumer products, a series of activities (for instance the LOUS project (Investigations, strategies and action plans for 40 unwanted chemical substances) and campaigns focused on specific health issues or population groups have been launched. The campaigns aim to inform citizens about what they can do in order to minimise the risks associated with chemicals, whether it is being aware of small children’s heightened sensibility to endocrine disrupters or teenagers’ excessive use of personal care products leading to allergies.

Danish surveys on chemicals in consumer products

The Danish EPA is engaged in work to identify chemical substances in a number of consumer products. Find more than 100 surveys here.

Database of chemicals in consumer products
The Danish EPA has constructed a database of the Danish surveys of chemical substances in consumer products. In this database you can search for reports made on a specific substance or you can search in results within a given product type.

Chemical Action Plan 2018-2021

Download the Chemical Action Plan 2018-2021