Supplementary information provided by chemical producers or importers on substances from the Advisory Self-classification List

Available, relevant, reliable test data and/or predictions using other non-test methods on specific substances should always be considered in parallel to using QSAR predictions. In general application of expert judgements in a weight of evidence (WoE) approach is recommended to decide on the appropriate classification for a given endpoint.

DK-EPA has not in this context in relevant databases and open literature searched for information relevant for the advisory classifications of the substances on the advisory list. This is why on this page producers or importers of chemicals can make links to their own documentation, which they used for self-classification of substances on the advisory list. A further purpose of this page is to allow for manufacturers and importers to exchange information and thus avoid unnecessary testing including avoiding unnecessary testing on vertebrate animals.

Manufacturers or importers who wish to provide a link to information relevant for self-classification concerning substances on the Advisory Self-classification List may write to Obfuscated Email (the chemical unit's mailbox) with that request.

DK-EPA has not evaluated any such information or documentation from producers or importers of chemicals and is not responsible for the content on these links. Similarly does DK-EPA not take any responsibility in relation to assessing whether the data can be used for classification and labelling according the existing regulation for classification and labelling. The links to the websites below of certain producers and importers of chemicals are only provided for substances appearing on the advisory list for self classification of chemicals.

CAS #EINECS #StofbetegnelseLink
6846-50-0 229-934-9 TXIB