LOUS - Group II

During 2012-15 the Danish EPA carries out surveys and strategies for 40 substances on the Danish List of Undesirable Substances (LOUS).

n this page you can find status and timetables for the second group of substances. Secondly under each substance there is a link to the final survey and strategy reports.

  • Surveys:
    Launched: March 2013
    Public hearing: November 2013 
    Final report: December 2013
  • Strategies:
    Launched: October 2013
    Public hearing: April 2014
    Final report: July 2014
  • Implementation:
    Launched: July 2014


Second GroupSurvey StrategyImplemen-tation
 Stof nr    (Danish version)   (Danish version)
11. Phenol Final Final
12. White spirit Final Final
13. Lead and lead compounds Final Final Launched
14.  Copper (I)oxide, -(II)sulphate, -(I)chloride Final Final Launched
15. Trisodium nitrilotriacete (NTA) Final Final Done
16. Certian phtalates Final Final Launched
17. Isocyanates (MDI & TDI) Final Final Launched
18. Brominated flame retardants Final Final Launched
19. Mercury and mercury compounds Final Final Launched
20. MTBE Final Final Færdig
21. Tris(2-chlor-1-methylethyl)phosphate (TCPP) Final Final Done