LOUS - Group I

During 2012-15 the Danish EPA carries out surveys and strategies for 40 substances on the Danish List of Undesirable Substances (LOUS).

On this page you can find status and timetables for the first group of substances. Secondly under each substance there is a link to the final survey and strategy reports.

  • Surveys:
    Launched: May 2012
    Public hearing: January 2013
    Final report: April 2013
  • Strategies:
    Launched: December 2012
    Public hearing: April 2013
    Final report: June 2013 
  • Implementation:
    Launched: June 2013


 First GroupSurveyStrategyImplemen-tation 
  Stof nr.    (Danish version)  (Danish version)
 1. Alkylphenols and -etoxylates Final Final Launched
Final Final Done
 3. Bisphenol A Final Final Launched
  Bisphenyl-A-diglycidylether polymer
Final Final Launched
5. Cadmium Final Final Done
  1,6 hexandioldiglycidylether
Final Final Done
7. Methanol Final Final Done
8. Parabens Final Final Launched
9. PFOS/PFOA/-other perfluorinated compounds Final   Launched
   9.1 PFOS   Final  
   9.2 PFOA   Final  
   9.3 Other perfluorinated compounds (PFC)   Final  

10. Cybutryne

Final Final Done