Assessment of Chemicals

The Danish EPA continually assesses the risk associated with a number of substances whose effects we are not yet familiar with. This work is carried out in collaboration with other EU Member States. Any new knowledge can be used to establish EU regulation.

Survey of substances on LOUS
The Danish EPA has performed surveys and management strategies of all substances on the List of undesirable substances (LOUS) during the period 2012-2015.

LOUS - List of undesirable substances in Denmark
The List of undesirable substances consists of 40 substances/groups of substances selected for their problematic effects according to criteria defined by the Danish EPA.

(Q)SAR - Assessment of chemical properties of substances
For many years, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has been working on the development and use of computer models known as (Q)SARs (Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships). These models are used to predict the properties of chemical substances.

SPIN database
SPIN - Substances in Preparations In the Nordic countries - is a database that contains "non-confidential" information on substances from the Product Registers of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.