Quiet house: a new campaign to mitigate road noise in homes

The "Quiet house – advice on reducing road noise in social housing" campaign focuses on the effects on health from traffic noise and advises housing organisations on noise mitigation. The campaign is backed by the Ministry of the Environment, the National Housing Fund (Landsbyggefonden) and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The aim of the campaign is to inform the general public and managers in social housing departments on the subject of road noise impacts on health and quality of life and to advice on the various effective methods of noise mitigation.

When renovations are planned closed to busy roads it is a good idea to include noise mitigation in the project. Thus, decrease the impact on the overall renovation costs. In addition to improvement of the acoustic conditions, noise mitigation measures can also result in energy savings and make housing and outdoor areas more attractive.

More than one in four Danish homes are situated in areas heavily affected by road noise – and many of these are social housing. Road noise lowers the residents' daily quality of life and makes social housing less attractive. Continued exposure to road noise can lead to sleep problems, high blood pressure and, in the worst cases, heart diseases and strokes.

Read more about the "Quiet house – advice on reducing noise in social housing" campaign (in Danish)

Link to a video about the campaign (in English - 3.33)

Contact persons

Brian Kristensen, Campaign Project Manager, the Environmental Protection Agency, tel.: +45 7254 4213