Danish Road Noise Strategy

The National Road Noise Strategy incorporates a number of initiatives intended to reinforce road authorities' efforts to reduce noise from roads. The strategy will address the annoyance and health impacts of traffic noise taking into account efficacy and costs of noise mitigation measures.

National Road Noise Strategy 

Since 2003, considerable efforts have been made with regard to national roads in particular. A promising development in noise-reducing asphalt and its widespread application is currently underway. Several municipalities have elaborated local noise mitigation plans.

The strategy places particular emphasis on helping municipalities in their efforts to reduce road noise. As nine out of ten homes affected by noise are situated along municipal roads, it is therefore the biggest challenge in the effort to reduce road noise.

Download the National Road Noise Strategy (2003) (PDF, 280KB)

Evaluation of the National Road Noise Strategy

The Road Noise Strategy was revised in 2010. The ensuing report summarised the ongoing efforts to mitigate noise since 2003 and government initiatives were updated accordingly.

The evaluation shows that most government initiatives have been implemented or are under positive development. However, the number of affected homes is still high, as 785,000 homes are affected by road noise above the recommended limit value – almost one of every three homes.

Download the revised National Road Noise Strategy (2010) (in Danish, with an English summary)

Download overview of state initiatives in road traffic noise strategy 2010-14 (PDF, 24KB)