Wind turbine noise zone

In spatial planning, the authorities designate a noise zone around wind turbines and other noise sources, where the noise level exceeds the noise limit. Below is a review of noise limits for wind turbines.

Noise limits for wind turbines

Statutory Orders no. 1518 of 14 December 2006 sets mandatory noise limits for wind turbines.

  • 44 dB in areas for staying out of doors in direct connection to (up to 15 m from) dwellings in the open country, and
  • 39 dB in dwelling areas and similar noise sensitive use.

The noise limits apply to the calculated noise level from all wind turbines in the area at 8 m/s wind speed. In addition, the statutory order has noise limits at 6 m/s, these are 2 dB lower. The statutory order includes the calculation method to be used and specifies the method for measuring noise emission from wind turbines.

Revising the Statutory Order on wind turbines

The Environmental Protection Agency has revised the Statutory Order on Wind Turbines to include mandatory limit values for low frequency noise. The new limit values will apply to turbines for which applications are made after the Statutory Order enters into force, which is expected to be at the end of 2011.

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