Particle filter requirements and prices

All vehicles fitted with an effective particle filter are allowed within the low emission zones.

Particle filter requirements

The filter must meet the following requirements:

  1. The maximum back pressure allowed from the particle filter is 20 kPa at maximum engine power.
  2. The particle filter must reduce the exhaust of particles by at least 80%, calculated according to the applicable EU methods.
  3. At constant use, the particle filter must ensure that the gas density, after the filter measured at free acceleration, does not exceed a K-value of 0.2 m -1 .

In general, all filters approved by the various European approval schemes fulfil these requirements.

As an alternative, the vehicle must be fitted with a particle filter that is approved by the Danish Road Safety and Transport Agency or by an organisation authorised by the Danish Road Safety and Transport Agency in its approval of principle scheme.

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Particle filter prices

In Denmark, the costs of particle filters (filter, silencer, pipe and mounting) will range between DKK 30,000 and DKK 75,000 depending on engine size.

The price for a particle filter also depends on the vehicle's size and technical design - as well as the price level in the country where the fitting is done. Moreover there is an annual expense for filter maintenance.

Foreign vehicles may also be exempted in Denmark. However this will require "special circumstances" – e.g. special haulage.

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