Exemption from particle filter requirements

An exemption from the particle filter requirements in low emission zones may be granted, provided that certain exceptional circumstances apply. Exemptions are only granted for limited periods.

In special cases, your vehicle can be granted temporary exemption from the Danish low emission zone regulations. Few visits are not reason for exemption.

Requirements for exemption

Exemption may be granted, if:

  • the installation of a particle filter will pose a safety risk, e.g. where the installation could cause considerable damage to the engine and/or possibly result in fire,
  • your vehicle is a unique special-purpose vehicle, which is only used few times every year in the low emission zones and the installation of a particle filter involves a cost that lies significantly above the average price level (approx. DKK 50,000) or
  • it is technically impossible to install a particle filter or make it work properly, due to special fitting or use of vehicle.

Exemption must be granted, if:

  • it is documented that the applicant is unreasonable, harshly affected financially by the particle filter requirement and therefore cannot afford to install filters. Documentation, in the form of the company's accounts for the past five years, must be presented.

How to apply

You can apply for an exemption from the particle filter requirement by sending an application to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Download application form for an exemption from the particulate filter requirements in the Danish low emission zones (PDF)

Following documentation must be included:

  • The vehicle registration certificate for the truck or bus in question
  • Documentation concerning the circumstances that made you apply for an exemption, e.g. documentation stating the price for a particle filter, a technical statement from a workshop saying that it is technically impossible to install a filter or make it work properly.

The documentation required is listed in the application form below each point.

Application recipient and processing time

Please send your application to:

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency
Tolderlundsvej 5
Dk-5000 Odense C
E-mail: Obfuscated Email

We will process your application as soon as possible. Kindly remember to send all necessary documentation and understand that it may take some time for us to give each application a thorough consideration.

NB! If any of the material necessary to complete your application is not included in your submission, it will prolong the processing time.

If your application is accepted, you will receive a red label, showing that your vehicle has permission to drive in the Danish low emission zones for a limited period.

Please note that it may take up to 3 months from we receive your application till a final decision has been made.