Requirements for heavy-duty vehicles

The low emission zones encompass diesel-powered trucks and busses weighing over 3,500 kg.

Heavy-duty vehicles must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Engine meets the Euro 4 standard or newer.
  • Vehicle is fitted with an effective particle filter.

What documentation do you need?

Low emission zones apply to all heavy-duty vehicles powered by compression-ignition engines. This includes engines running on rapeseed oil or other bio fuels, but do not apply to petrol-powered vehicles.

From 1 November 2011, foreign vehicles must have a low emission zone label in the windshield, like your Danish counterparts. The label is a proof that the truck or bus has a low particle emission and may enter all Danish low emission zones. The label replaces the need to bring additional documentation about the vehicle's engine standard etc.

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How do you order the low emission zone label?

As a bus driver or truck driver, you can order your low emission zone label on the internet. Delivery time is up to two weeks from submission of application. So make sure you order your low emission zone label well in advance of 1 November 2011.

Once your request for the low emission zone label has been approved by the Danish authorities, your label will be sent by post. Guidelines are enclosed in the letter on how to fit the label correctly in the front windshield of your vehicle. The label cannot be removed after fitting.

Where can you buy the low emission zone label in Denmark?

If you arrive in Denmark without a low emission zone label, you're not allowed to drive into the low emission zone. You must then drive to the nearest Danish vehicle inspection facility , where the label can be fitted for a fee laid down by the individual inspection enterprise.

At the vehicle inspection facility, you must be able to document that your vehicle meets the environmental requirements in order to get a low-emission-zone label.

What are the penalties for driving without a label?

If the vehicle does not comply with the statutory requirement for an approved low emission zone label, this can result in a fine of up to DKK 20,000 for the bus driver or truck driver. The vehicle can be detained until the fine has been paid.

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What benefits does the low emission zone label have?

Low emission zone labels help facilitate surveillance and control of vehicles in the Danish low emission zones. It shows the Danish authorities that your vehicle has been approved to drive in the Danish low emission zones.

The visible label will ease control of heavy-duty vehicles in Danish low emission zones, for the benefit of drivers as well as the authorities.