Around 38,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste recycled per year in Kenya

Published 06-04-2018

A new study shows that Kenya recycles 38,000 tonnes of plastic packaging per year. The efforts to recycle plastic are supported by a partnership between Kenyan and Danish authorities and private sector.

A new study shows that Kenya recycles 38,000 tonnes of plastic packaging per year

Around 15 % of all plastic packaging in Kenya is recycled. These are the findings in a new study initiated by the Danish environmental Protection Agency, which attempts to estimate the overall Plastic Packaging Waste Flow in Kenya.

The results of the analysis show that the estimated amount of plastic packaging put on market makes up approximately 270,000 tonnes per year. Based on the questionnaire responses from recyclers the recycled volume of plastic packaging is around 38,000 tonnes per year, corresponding to an overall recycling rate for plastic packaging waste around 15%.

The study is part of the ongoing Strategic Environment Sector Partnership Cooperation (SSC) between Kenya & Denmark (Danish EPA and MoFA). The partnership has a circular economy approach, focusing on enhancing resource efficiency in the Kenyan manufacturing sector. This includes e.g. supporting Kenyanauthorities and the private sector in the development of a recycling strategy for plastic packaging in Kenya, by sharing Danish experiences.

The key challenge during the project related to accessing the necessary data to estimate the consumption of plastic packaging in Kenya. The estimation is based on the limited data available.

The study has been carried out by Eunomia Research & Consulting and Capital Operating Partners

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